Audi Warning Lights & Indicators

I drive a 1998 Audi A6 Quattro. It's a nice car, but I don't seem to speak its language. Every now and then, the dashboard computer will display a warning icon that I am unable to understand. Here are those symbols and what they actually mean. For more information, turn to this PDF user guide.

Severe Warning Symbols

If one of these red symbols lights up while you are driving, stop the car, switch off the engine, and refer to the Owner's Manual.

Brake Fault
Fault in brake system
Cooling Fault
Fault in cooling system
Oil Pressure
Engine oil pressure too low
Tire Pressure Low
Tire pressure too low

Other Warning Symbols

No faults detected
Brake Light Faulty
Brake light faulty
Bulb Failure
Bulb failure: dipped headlights or rear lights
Brake Pads Worn
Brake pads worn
Washer Fluid
Washer fluid level low
Fuel Low
Fuel level low
Battery Voltage
Battery voltage too high or too low
Check Oil Level
Check engine oil level
Oil Sensor Faulty
Engine oil sensor faulty
Speed Warning
Speed warning 1 or 2 (km/h or mph)
Dynamic Headlight
Dynamic headlight range control faulty
Check Tire Pressure
Check tire pressure
Door Open
Door or tailgate open